Evidence They Get Along: Baby Fish

Tuesday, December 12th 2017

2017-12-12 07.56.41-2.jpg

Baby Fish 

After ClaraJane completes her movie star walk to class this morning like a BOSS  –lead by her brother and flanked by both her Mom AND her Dad–  Gavin invites her into his classroom to come see the new baby fish!

Being a first grader, she is too shy to enter the class of 4th and 5th graders by herself.  But then her brother takes her by the hand and they are off to the races fish tank.

Gavin points out every member of his classroom’s fish tank to ClaraJane.

2017-12-12 07.56.42

Before going back to class, CJ grabs her brother by the waist in one of their trademark ecstatic giggle bear hugs.  Gavin then grabs her waist and hoists her around his classroom a bit, to more giggles.



2017-12-12 07.56.22


*I* even get a hug from him –in front of his classmates and everything–  which I do not take for granted.

I promise!




#Swoon  #Siblings  #Love  #TheseAreTheDays

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