Hospital Clowning: Facing It

Friday, December 15th 2017

2017-12-15 14.44.54_preview

Today I partner with the incomparable Dr. Mal Adjusted, as seen here with Olaf at the Boston Children’s Hospital Winter Wonderland.

Today I practiced:

  • Making a different choice when I caught myself defaulting to “Sweet” mode
  • Leaving the ukulele out of the mix a little more, while also
  • Embracing the choice TO use music when needed or desired
  • Making status choices; high or low, bossy or dumb
  • Exploring DUMB
  • FACES.
  • Breaking RULES!

1)  Hi!

A little boy getting a transfusion waves to us, and Dr. Mal Adjusted had to work pretty hard to teach me how to wave back.

2)  OK to Stay:

Another little boy in the Activity Room wasn’t thrilled to see us at first, so we offered him numerous ways to kick us out.  Finally I played a song so Dr. Mal could show off her fantastic dance moves.  Although we did end up leaving he never did kick us out.

3)  Shh!

On the elevator I received a lesson from Dr. Mal about NOT MAKING NOISE while she explained it to me, TALKING the WHOLE TIME.

4)  Rock Me Gently:

A little girl with developmental delays loves music, so we played to her in her crib.  She kicked and wiggled to the music until we stopped, and then she wiggled in more of a thrashing kind of way.  We made a clean exit, then immediately wished we’d done a fade-out.

5)  Flummoxed Face:

In preparation for an official portrait of Dr. Be Bopper, we practiced some DIY shots today.  After all this time performing, it is so strange to only barely know what to do with my FACE in being this CLOWN.


Dang I have so much to learn.


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