At Rise: Best Phone Call Ever

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Sunset Sailboat.jpg


AT RISE:  Driving kids to school, Mom is telling story of how once B.K. (Before Kids),  Mom & Dad were finishing up a wonderful date sailing on the Charles River when they discovered their cell phones had been on an active call with each other the whole time.

Mom:  Best phone call I ever had.

Kids:  [silent]

Mom:  In other words, your Mom and Dad are dumb!

Boy:  Yeah!  My parents are DUMB!

Girl:  And MY parents are dumb too!




1)  My kids aren’t dumb too, they’re hilarious.

2)  We’re not aristocrats with sailboats; my clever husband had a $105 annual membership to Community Boating in Boston.

3)  We don’t have too many “B.K.” stories… ahem.

Sunset Triple Sail.jpg




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