Hospital Clowning: Un, Deux, Trois

Wednesday, November 1st 2017



Carefully we enter the room of a four year old girl in the Oncology Department who only speaks French.  She is focused on coloring and not nearly as delighted by our rendition of “Alouette” as her adult family members.  BUBBLES don’t pique much interest either until my amazing partner CATCHES one and it’s suddenly a TINY CRYSTAL BALL.  Her mom produces a bottle of bubbles as well, and my partner shows her how to catch bubbles with her wand.  Now she is up and on her feet, and I speak enough French to heap praises upon her incroyable newfound bubble catching talents.  Perhaps I also enjoyed this room so much because I could conspire with her in FRENCH to repeatedly throw my partner under the CLOWN BUS on account of his ignorance of the language.  “Quel bete.

Regardes…”  I tell her in a STAGE WHISPER, counted to three and squeaked the SQUEAKER that gives my partner a clown doctor STARTLE.  Bingo; a GIGGLE!   Encore!  “Un, deux, trois, SQUEAK!”  A LAUGH!  Plus encore!  “Un-deux-trois-quatre-cinq…SQUEAK!”  Plus de rire!

Now for the REAL trick; putting the child in the DRIVER’S SEAT.  Tu peux le faire, madamoiselle.   Vous voulez compter?”  (You can do it my dear.  You want to count?)  Then comes her little voice, “Un deux trois.”  I hit the squeaker, my partner freaks out and voila, BELLY LAUGH.

Encore, encore, et encore.  Total jackpot.

Oui merci.  Merci pour le meillieur travail du monde.

I think I could get used to it here.

♥Dr. Be Bopper  (o:}<8


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1 Response to Hospital Clowning: Un, Deux, Trois

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    No surprise you’re a natural at this. So happy for you!!!

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