Hospital Clowning: Routine Crash Course

Wednesday, November 1st 2017



Before rounds, my clown doctor partner generously walks me through a few basic clown routines which are used frequently among the team;

YOUR NAME:  Clown 1 to Clown 2, “OK I will introduce you, and when I say Your Name, you enter!”    Clown 2 proceeds to get it wrong in every possible way.   

We got to try this one several times today.  Sometimes on purpose, sometimes because I accidentally obeyed when my partner told me to “Stay here!

STAY HERE (also known as “Grapefruit”):  Clown 1 tells Clown 2 to “Stay Here” then walks back to center.  How well Clown 2 follows the instructions is anyone’s guess, but it is as fundamental as the 1, 2, 3 “Blow Off” pattern can get.

HAVE YOU SEEN:   Through the frame of a doorway or window for example, Clown 1 asks Audience. “Have you seen my friend with the silly [description]… and exits frame.  Enter Clown 2; “Have you seen my friend with the dumb [description]…”  and so forth escalating to a Blow Off.


BLACK MAGIC:  A make believe telepathic guessing game between two clowns and the Audience.

By the way;

THE BLOW OFF is a visual punchline of a clown gag or joke.

In our office there is also a several page typed up list with dozens more routines for my perusal going forward.   In case I’m interested.

Let the clown.  Re-education.  Begin.

With Love,

Dr. Be Bopper

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