CircusKitchen Halloween 2017

October 2017



Our “Treat” for Halloween this year was a visit from Pops!

2017-10-31 17.58.38-1 Pops.jpg

Thanks for coming Pops!


2017-10-31 18.48.56 CJ post

ClaraJane was a great Bat Girl. 


2017-10-25 07.40.12 GLO

Gavin was a, um,  Barbarian Viking Business Man.














2017-10-28 11.04.23 kitten.jpg

Kitten was a pumpkin.

In Other Family News:

Miles was Wolverine and a Gladiator, while Mary was a pirate, saying “Arrgh!” when she got candy and everything!


Cousin Jason -a professional opera singer, Cousins Henry & Lisle in Carlisle, Aunt Jane Ann in Dallas, and Uncle Christopher’s pumpkin in Minneapolis:



Passing the ice cream store, the kids wondered if they could Trick-or-Treat in there.  Reminding them there’s only one way to find out, I encourage them to go in.  Upon seeing the bewildered looks of the men working inside we start to leave when they say, “We don’t have any candy but we can… give them …ice cream?”

So there you have it kids; you never know what’s possible in life until you try!  And it never hurts to ask.

2017-10-31 18.22.59 ice cream.jpg

Happy Halloween @Christina’s Ice Cream!


After Trick-or-Treating, we settle in to our favorite pub for some hearty replenishment with Pops.  Any Halloween that includes real actual food is a total winner in my book.    Let’s ask Bat Girl:


Plus it was so fun.  (Holy Bob Ross happy-little-trees and T-Rex trick-or-treating at The Druid Bat Girl.)  Go Gavin GO!


Near home we pass by a bunch of police making sure all is well at the local convenience store, and they hand out candy too, who knew?!  #LoveOurCambridgePolice

2017-10-31 20.40.43 officer.jpg


One day later; the LOOOOT! 


Two days later:

2017-11-02 17.57.43-1 GLO skull.jpg

Feliz dia de los Muertos


Until next time…

2017-10-06 07.30.41 CJ

Happy Halloween 2017!

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3 Responses to CircusKitchen Halloween 2017

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Thanks for the flamly survey! What a bunch of (disguised) beauties.

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    especially love Paul’s hipster-painted face. or was it a kitty?

  3. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    Awesome pumpkin carving! Wow. Lady Gaga made it in the video! Cousin Jason pretty scary cute! Loved all the costumes.

    Jane Ann Nelson Senior Talent Recruitment Manager Imprimis


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