Deporting Christ

Wednesday, September 6th 2017


You cannot reject refugees and call yourself a Christian.jpg

Refugees, immigrants… you know; human beings.


Yesterday I used this forum partly to bash Christian Whites for their astounding hypocritical support of “President” Don John, who also yesterday announced he is ending protections for undocumented immigrants who have been living here since they were children.  Cuz’ you know, f#ck them right?

NVM it would rip families apart, deport young adults to countries they’ve never known, rob our country of 800,000 productive law abiding friends and neighbors and devastate the ECONOMY” to the tune of over $460 BILLION over ten years.

I USED to comfort myself with the notion of Hair Chump’s sheer INCOMPETENCE.  Turns out he is not only stupid, he really IS evil.

Last week he embraced (“pardoned”) convicted criminal Supervillain Public Enemy #1, and chief anti-immigrant sadist, OMFG Joe Arpaio.  Now this.

The only GOOD news here is that I stand CORRECTED about the evangelicals because -halleluia and praise Jebus- a lot of them are condemning this policy (to end DACA)!


The above link shows statements from about 30 major religious North American religious organizations condemning the motion.

Q:  Is YOURS among them???




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