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Tuesday, September 5th 2017

I may have been off Facebook all summer, but the news is still inescapable.

2017-08 Hurricane Harvey Houston

Hurricane Harvey in Houston


Not even the horrors of Hurricane Harvey (devastating Houston, taking 60 lives and leaving $160 Billion in damages) and Hurricane Irma (which is about to bear down on Puerto Rico and Florida) cannot rival the horrors being churned out of the white house by that most deplorable, disgusting, malevolent buffoon running ruining the White House.

Beyond a Hair of Doubt

Hurricane T-Rump, 9 Months and Counting…

The biggest tragedy is that people in this country —and family:

  • RACIST:  Share and support the “President’s” statements and policies against minorities rooted in racism.  (e.g.: “Many fine people” marching with KKK & NAZIS!!!)
  • AMORAL:  Prioritize commerce over compassion  (“capitalism” & “fiscal conservatism” regardless of impact on human lives)
  • SELFISH:  Think being born on U.S. soil makes them more WORTHY than “others”
  • ARROGANT:  Think poor people should just need to “work harder” to “stop being poor” and that government policies have nothing to do with their opportunities.
  • HYPOCRITICAL:  Brandish the facade of Religion while neglecting the very plight of others all around us, seen and unseen.
  • DECEIVED:  Consider FOX “News” a viable “news” outlet!
  • BLIND: See the current “president” as acceptable, capable… good??

Oh, and,

  • DANGEROUSLY IGNORANT:  View “Science” as a “theory,” and Climate Change as a HOAX!

But that the next Hurricane could just target all the Alt-Right Christian White, and blast the ignorance and hatred from their “brains!”  Gah.

false prophet

False Prophet News


Trump denial.jpg

Another day, another denial.




2017-08 Get Govt off my back.jpg

And to the brown kids and dog; “Get a Job!”  Miright?


I’m with the Cat who Survived Harvey:

angry harvey cat




And P.S.:

nazis are bad


PS:  I know division is not the answer.   Working on it!


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