Hey! Hillary, it’s 2017 Already

September 6th 2017

The candidate whom the Democrats fraudulently tried and failed to foist upon the American people for president last year has been spending her time… writing a book whining about, wait for it… “What Happened.”  (Seriously that’s the title of her book.)

The L.A. Times calls it “A backward-looking slog through the disappointments of last year’s campaign.”  In it she blames her failures on, you guessed it, BERNIE SANDERS.

2017-09-06 Hey!  Hillary Clinton’s Bernie Sanders Comments with Seth Meyers [3:20]:


Meanwhile in the ACTUAL best interests of the American people, my boyfriend Bernie continues to champion Progressive Values:

  • Economic Justice
  • Racial Justice
  • Criminal Justice
  • Environmental Justice
  • Immigration Reform
  • Health Care Rights

not to mention

  • “World Peace!”

HRC spending her time writing about herself instead of fighting to save what’s left of our Democracy just underscores how she was in it for HERSELF and not for US.  I still can’t believe people fell for her or wanted her.  Then again, “Hey!” people have fallen for worse.


As Seth Meyers says, “UGH!”



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