If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?  Is that why I witnessed ZERO political activism in my entire upbringing from childhood to adulthood?  I think the country was working good for them.   I think blacks, latinos, gays, muslims and other minorities as people of equal value with whites were literally NOT on a radar that I knew of.

I deeply apple-o-gize [4 seconds]:

Another Boomer I know has plans to absolutely wring hands until the next presidential election.

FOUR YEARS.  That’s a long time to do nothing for change.

I remember being a new parent at my kids’ school, noticing something I thought could work better and sharing the idea with a classroom parent.  She kept explaining to me that… the teacher can decide.  Around we go, me failing to get her on board with considering a new idea to help said teacher.  Finally I say, “OK so maybe… let’s wait?”

“Ah yes, good!” she smiles, pleased with the conclusion.  That settles it, and scene.

Needless to say I’ve never proposed any ideas to that one since.  (And now in fact there is a principal who is 100% open to productive input; we get to meet with her anytime and it’s no coincidence that the culture and performance of the school is A-MA-ZING, but I digress.)

Please be clear I am not angry and not trying to blame.  I’m just marveling at what I haven’t learned for so much of my life.  Like, civic engagement for example. 

All the same, may we all continue to evolve ever more enlightened and  engaged.


Like, NOW.


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4 Responses to TRUMPOCALYPSE: My Bad

  1. Louis B. Oberhauser says:

    The people who went to the polls decided the election and the fault does not lie with the voters who voted for Trump but with all of the people who failed to vote for Hillary. The lesson that should be learned from this is every vote is important and had all of the people who are now shocked about Trump and the outcome had taken the time to vote Trump would be a footnote in the history of our great country not its president. Teach participation at all level of government and that voting is not only a right but a DUTY. Had the 30% of the voters who elected not to participate in this election had gone to the polls Hillary would be our next president. Don’t blame the voters for the results as they were only fulfilling their duty as citizens. lou

  2. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    How puerile can you get? Wish your parents’ cohort dead wholesale? Many voted for Hillary. Before that, many voted for Bernie. You don’t have to be young to despise the American Hitler. (Look up Germany, 1930s.) “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?” F.U. When Jenny was a kid there was a great deal of activism around many issues. She’s a Sunday morning quarterback. Civil rights for African-Americans, women’s equality, the hideous Vietnam War, an assassination per year, a complete realignment of social values. We’d had oral contraceptives for about five years! EXCUSE ME!!! for not ramming it all down a child’s throat. As for marching in the streets, I was pretty busy trying to survive in my own household in a new city and launch a new medical practice, plus find a new place to live and maybe one square inch of privacy without being yelled at. Later, in Wayland, there was plenty of political talk; if you don’t remember it, that’s on you. As for Muslims, I never met or saw one; most were in the Middle East in those days. My Persian friend did not practice religion. If someone was gay, most of us straight people were not in their confidence and did not know; it’s hard to see through a closet door. This was pre-Stonewall, you know (look it up). The influx of LatinX (the new correct term) individuals occurred much later. The smugness, superiority, and self-righteousness exhibited by the childish forty-somethings on this post does not bode well for the future. Not to mention the betrayal of blasting a private cri de coeur to all the blogosphere. #feelingdisgusted

  3. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Don’t wait for the next generation; you smug children have got plenty of evolving to do. Grow up! And direct your spite where it belongs.

  4. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    As for death, I am perfectly comfortable talking about my own death, as you well know, or any individual death. To wish accelerated death on an entire group of which you are not a member, even as a “joke”, is something else entirely and what I would expect from a Trump supporter. Hitler had the same wish and enacted it when he got to power. Such thoughtless imprecise blather is called diarrhea of the mouth and is listened to only by the stupid, who may elect stupid crackpots, who endanger the entire world. Informed thinking and linguistic precision are more essential than ever in this national emergency.

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