TRUMPOCALYPSE: Telling the Children



The last apocalyptic disaster on American soil took place on 9/11 (2001).

Now we have 11/9 (2016).

1) Telling the Children:

Everyone is asking “How do we explain this to the children?”  Here is how I did:

2016-11-09 TRUMPOCALYPSE LiveFeed [6:25]:


Then I hugged the other mom at the bus stop and we shared a heaving cry.  (She had been holding it together for her son until the moment the bus pulled away.)  Then after marveling with some other parents -and an encounter with one bafflingly jubilant neighbor- I went home to desperately commune with my social media community, a sampling of which I present here hopefully for the historical and future benefit of my kids.

2) What coulda, shoulda been: 

As we witnessed up close in Philadelphia, the DNC (Democratic National Congress) rigged the game to help ensure Hillary Clinton would become the Democratic nominee, even though Sanders was both more popular AND capable of beating Chump.

3) Fellow grieving Moms & Dads: 


And my personal favorite:screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-1-18-42-pm




4) Some historical notes: 



First thing on this morning after last night’s abominable nomination is the STOCK MARKET tanked.                       (“Thanks Obama!”)






The U.K hurt  itself badly this year by inadvertently voting to exit the European Union.  Not to be outdone, here         in the U.S. we played our “Trump” card.  Ugh.




The Obamas (even if we disagree with policies like the wars and fossil fuel) have conducted themselves with nothing but integrity, grace and class.





In the late 1930’s an inexplicably horrible dictator (Hitler) came to power and conducted its country through unspeakable atrocities throughout World War II.  (The Holocaust.)

This is especially disturbing because this now president-elect of ours is a BIG FAN (brags of studying Hitler’s playbook, Mein Kampf, for years).




For added irony, this date in 1938 was a particularly sharp point of terror in Hitler’s era.


5) Some folks we may know:



Your Daddy did not             mince words today.




Neither did your Uncle Robert:





Daddy’s cousin Ryan highlights a good point:





Here is one of our own local elected officials (Cambridge School Committee).






And this from Oakland, my home town:









There are also protests in cities happening all over the country, including over 10,000 in Boston right now as I write.  In fact ClaraJane and I caught a protest march full of angry millennials barreling through Central Square earlier this evening (like a human train ride from the dance studio to the restaurant).  Although we did not chant “FUCK TRUMP! FUCK TRUMP!” we certainly marched in solidarity.  ClaraJane got quite a few high-fives in her ballet tights and tutu.   As we got off at our stop (Middle East Restaurant) I yelled to them, “Great job you guys! Keep your voices up!  YOU ARE THE FUTURE!”  They cheered, and I hope they believed me -and believe in themselves- because it’s true.

6) Moving forward, imperfectly of course: 




All is not lost: screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-45-28-am




From the most super genius/economist I know (also a juggler, ahem):screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-1-35-05-pm






From Aunt Sasha:







It’s real kids; YOU ARE THE FUTURE.








Look for the helpers.



BE the helpers.



How to begin?



Let’s begin here.



#WaterIsLife… muthafluckas!

Let’s do this.  #NODAPL



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1 Response to TRUMPOCALYPSE: Telling the Children

  1. Andrew Bodman:
    You are awesome! We will be okay. We will stand up for each other. Yes! You were right all along!

    Jenny the Juggler:
    Thank you Andrew. Really appreciate your encouraging words this morning!

    Andrew Bodman:
    You got it! Your’s is one of the purest souls I’ve seen get into politics. You are so kind, earnest, & fearless I worried about you, particularly at the Convention when you “fell on your sword” for your “teachers”. I was going to say something then, but it may have been a bit harsh on the sagacious Democratic braintrust who had recently guided you to the beauty of Conservative Dem vs Liberal “compromise”. It always includes patronizing derision of the liberal, always.

    I had seen the writing on the wall early in July and avoided a lot of coverage, but you shot those amazing videos with your kids in Philadelphia, that helped a lot.

    You teach your kids to fearlessly experience the new and to be ok with not knowing, all the while unapologetically trying to find out. There is no shame in not knowing the answer. The shame comes when you pretend you do, or you pretend it doesn’t matter. Your kids won’t have this problem. That’s an extraordinary gift you give as a Mom.

    We have our work cut out for ourselves. We must stand with all of our sisters and brothers around the country and world. People can’t rely on the system we have now. It will likely get a little worse, but then better, faster. We’ll get stronger with an unambiguous “enemy” in Trump, and a Democratic Party with a power vacuum. We’ll see if Obama’s path will change at Standing Rock, and with BLM, given the “new world order” from yesterday. I’m more hopeful with this outcome. The evidence of Clinton corruption is devastating. The corporate media will start disseminating info now just to survive. Keep up the good work!

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