Trumpocalypse: I Was Wrong

Friday, November 11th 2016  (Veteran’s Day)



I was wrong.






I was wrong to implicate any demographic of voters for the outcome of this election.

My father-in-law is right, it is the NON-voters who created this chilling outcome.



I was wrong to take a shot at a particular generation (“Baby Boomers”).  My mom is right and I clearly don’t know what I am talking about.

Maybe I shouldn’t have joked about death.  I may be comfortable talking about death but I know most aren’t.

I am wrong to implicate anyone else for my own ignorance.   It is no one’s fault but my own.

And I have been wrong in being blind to my own condescending liberal elitism, that is in part responsible for this Chump-elect backlash.

I don’t understand what is happening in this country.  But I am willing to look in the mirror.  And read and read and write and write and ask and ask.  And make mistakes.  And try again.

I hope I can earn forgiveness for these and other missteps in the aftermath of this unthinkable outcome.

Here’s a guy with a clue:

U.K.’s Jonathan Pie on President Trump: How & Why… [6:11]:



In fact he totally nails it, profoundly.

The U.S. Election: An Idiot’s Guide [3:19]


Next up:  Aaron Sorkin



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6 Responses to Trumpocalypse: I Was Wrong

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    I’ve already read Aaron Sorkin. It’s great. I’m on the internet. You may not see me; not everyone needs a audience of thousands for every move they make. You can have self-aggrandizing Peter Pie, another Sunday morning quarterback. I am not buying the poor downtrodden whites narrative and I’m not buying that you’re not a racist misogynist if you voted for Trump. You are what you eat. It’s fun to say Bernie would have beaten Trump but if you believe that you’re an idiot. The cult of Trump flock o sheep would never have voted for a compassionate Socialist. People who would not get behind Hillary in the face of the Trump nomination are misogynists and helped elect Trump. YOU helped elect Trump with your nonstop profane Hillary-hating misogynistic spew. I finally had to unfollow you on Facebook. I don’t want to stop reading your blog. But I’m close.

    • Suit yourself. Misogyny or not, it was hubris and corruption that lost her this nomination. She got what she deserved for colluding with the DNC to rob the people of their choice. Now we all pay the price. BTW that’s great you read Aaron sorkin, but has nothing to do with my blog posts. Much as I cherish your participation here you are neither the only nor primary target audience. Blame me all you want for Hillary’s failure. You never raised me time come to heel. I still voted for her.

  2. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    As for death, I am perfectly comfortable talking about my own death, as you well know, or any individual death. To wish accelerated death on an entire group of which you are not a member, even as a “joke”, is something else entirely and what I would expect from a Trump supporter. Hitler had the same wish and enacted it when he got to power. Such thoughtless imprecise blather is called diarrhea of the mouth and is listened to only by the stupid, who may elect stupid crackpots, who endanger the entire world. Informed thinking and linguistic precision are more essential than ever in this national emergency.

  3. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Peter Pie is full of shit. Cheap laughs. Attention slut.

    • Perhaps you in your great generation wisdom are right per usual. From what I can tell sampling his remarkable cannon of incisive reporting for years on a broad range of subjects, he is an important truth teller in an otherwise corrupt and co-opted media. But what do I know; I’m just a “latch key kid.”

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