Father’s Day 2016

Sunday, June 19th 2016

2016-06-19 18.14.02



For Father’s Day, Paul gifted us with a day full gloriously unstructured possibility.

First Up:  Hanging About

2016-06-19 09.43.43

Dad & Kids pause during morning art to gaze and gnaw olive & bacon Bloody Mary garnishes.


After the best darn Breakfast-He-Didn’t-Cook-Himself-Today, mom & kids swirling around the home and a lot of bicycle wrangling, we’re OFF.


“FLEA Market?” say the kids, “Why would anyone want to buy FLEAS!?”

Turns out it was just what I was hoping for; Nerd Central.  In fact we only hit a tiny portion of it; literally a couple of guys hanging out in a garage selling stuff next to their cars.  BUT they can answer any question I need about computers, which is just what I need as we undertake to outfit our 8 year-old with something to suit his upcoming coding needs etc. (Whatever THAT is.  I dunno… it’s the future, man.)  Amidst my research Daddy Love gently reminds me that HE needs a computer.   Being that it is Father’s Day, there is a perfectly good one in front of us for a deep underground price and I *happen* to have that much cash on me… good thing Daddy has been such a good boy, like always.


Next Stop:  BIKE STORE

This day is ClaraJane’s maiden voyage on the “Come-Along,” attachment where she pedals while being towed behind mommy’s bike.  But due to a missing piece, her end would erratically TILT one way or another with a wild JERK that would stop my heart each time as I lose control of steering and fishtail in and out of traffic.  AWESOME!

The bike store couldn’t help us, but finally Daddy was able to coach ClaraJane to just “choose a side” and lean one way only.  WHEW we don’t die today!  (See also:  Ready to Roll from 8/10/12).



Between the Hatch Shell and Museum of Science is a water park, playground and picnic area right next to the Charles River.   We also brought our “Lay Bag,” whose wonders we are still discovering:

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The first phenomena is automatically invoking the ubiquitous perils of looking comfortable:  look comfortable


It’s also a great place to reverse the paradigm on the latest Dad craze of stacking cheerios on their babies’ heads:

2016-06-19 15.36.46

Woulda stacked more crackers on the cracker but we already ate the rest.


FOR DINNER: Atwood’s Tavern

A Flamly Favorite!  In fact, the kids started fighting about who gets to sit closest to the barrel of fishies on the patio before we were even seated.  40 times we asked them to sit down and stop bothering the fish.  And here comes our profound parenting fail; not only did they NOT STOP WTIH THE FISH ALREADY, but suddenly the fish barrel started getting suspiciously… BUBBLY.  Like frothing with bubbles all of a sudden.  Daddy notices ClaraJane has in her possession a teeny-tiny, itty-bitty little bottle of… BUBBLES.  I didn’t even know we owned it.  It apparently came into possession by way of outing with *Grandpa* the other night.  In his generosity he probably didn’t even know he bought it for her, amongst the things he bestowed upon the kids at the mecca that is Targhay (“Target”) Boutique, but I digress.

As I’m deciding between crawling under the table or leaving, Paul points out the staff has already noticed.  He tells them there might have been some bubble soap added to the tank.  A waitress runs over and abruptly unplugs the little fountain mechanism to prevent further frothing.


We notice a sudden steady stream of water gushing its way across the restaurant patio underneath the feet of patrons as the fish barrel rapidly voids itself of water, sinking down to half it’s previous capacity in what seemed less than a minute.

atwood's fish

Here is the actual banner from their website homepage, featuring said barrel of fish direct center.  This heavenly place is exactly where we sat, and are apparently no longer worthy.


Out of nowhere appears Patrick the Proprietor, of whom we happens to be huge fans, hands plunged in the tank, vigorously jerking stuff around connecting tubes and trying to save the fish from imminent peril.  Which he did.  (For now.)


Then the food comes, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!  I look at my delicious fish tacos and wonder how one can eat with the overpowering taste of shame in one’s mouth?  We opt to drink about it.  And assist ClaraJane in her note of contrition:

2016-06-19 18.11.54 copy

DEAR PAtRiCK.  Im SorrY For hUrting your fish.                                                          I didn’t mean to and I hope they Are ok.  ❤ ClARAJANE


Another round and we somehow make it through.

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A brief rest for Daddy:

2016-06-19 19.37.16

The cat is showing the way we feel.


IT’S NOT OVER:  We still have to honor a long promised round of CRANIUM CADOO, which is great for kids partly because parents can barely see the writing.


2016-06-19 20.18.39

Here is Daddy…

2016-06-19 20.18.46

Trying to read the writing.
















The Flamly that games together stays together…

Flamly that games together stays together, hopefully



I think it was a good day for Daddy.

Night Night Sweet Daddy Love

Night Night Daddy Love


A final note from his mom, Grandma Z: 

2016-06-20 A Day to Remember!!!

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1 Response to Father’s Day 2016

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    The Fish Barrel Froth? Pop-Pop’s fault! Indubitably. Blame him. he’s in MN, he’ll never know.
    (Although — you’re SURE it wasn’t one of those JENNY THE JUGGLER teeny-tiny soap bubble bottles? I seem to remember a plethora of those.)

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