Political Revolution – Fair Elections

Friday, June 17th 2016


To Bernie Sanders’ lawyer, Brad Deutsch (bdeutsch@gsblaw.com), FWIW:

Dear Mr. Deutsch:
At the behest of a MoveOn.org petitioner Stephen Fox, I am writing you to urge support in your work responding to the election fraud that took place in so many states this year.  Thanks for your time in reading the five short paragraphs below:
I for one am SO THANKFUL to the Bernie campaign for showing what it’s like to act from the courage of one’s convictions, speak the truth, and operate a campaign WITHOUT the corrupting influence of lobbyists and special interests, ESPECIALLY in this post-apocalyptic, “Citizen United” Democracy-annihilating era.  Although I am 45 I feel like a millennial because I have never before been informed, much less ENGAGED and enthused in presidential elections or the democratic process in general.
In addition to educating us all about the state of our country and it’s corrupt campaign finance system, through his TRUTHFULNESS and heretofore unseen exemplar INTEGRITY he has empowered the citizenry to peel the wool off our eyes and see the corrupt, flawed, rigged system for what it is; corrupt, flawed and rigged.
Senator Sanders has PROVEN it is possible to mount a viable campaign for the presidency WITHOUT the influence of corporate money.  He has underscored the vital importance of campaign finance reform.  The very slim chance in the fight to reverse this oligarchy and restore democracy DEPENDS upon it.
Moreover, thanks to his honesty and the technology available to us through social media, we have been able to bifurcate our news sources; that of the Corporate MSM narrative, and what is ACTUALLY going on.  You may have a mass majority of American Sheeple still under MSM sway  voting for choice A) Warmongering Oligarch or choice B) Psychotic Demagogue, but the rest of us ARE NO LONGER FOOLED.  We SEE the disgraceful sham operating under the guise of fair democratic elections.  In our “first world” nation that is a global leader in technology and communication, it is deplorable that many of our state primaries look like sham exhibits of third world futility.
We cannot afford to wait for another election cycle.  The time to do everything we can to fix the flawed system is NOW, BEFORE the DNC.  The eleven states whose primaries were so obviously and blatantly corrupted must be brought to court IMMEDIATELY.  THANK YOU for this invaluable work.  And thank you for soliciting input of regular citizens like me.  I hope this has been of some encouragement.
Sincerely Yours,
~Jennifer O.
Self-Employed Mother of Two
Cambridge MA


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  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Say on, Jennifer Oberhauser!

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