Commencement Commitments – These are the Dyes

Tuesday,  June 21st 2016

Of all the things happening now somehow I dial into this one;

2016-06-21 16.18.50

Free ballet tights before and after DIY home hack dye job


Solstice is here, the kids and Paul have ONE MORE DAY of school tomorrow, I’m endowed with gigs aplenty.  After a 4-show gig this morning I scored some white tights for the start of ClaraJane’s ballet classes. Problem is they must be PINK.  To preserve the customary thrift of time I don’t have & money I’d rather keep, I  brainstorm a way to dye them mydamnself.   Some rubbing alcohol, water, soap and the ink of one high liter… voila!  I don’t know how they’ll look (or fit), if they will stain her legs or if they will hold up in the wash, but those are not problems I need to solve RIGHT NOW.

Now that I got the kids to the movie with grandma, discovered secret surprise date with DHubsand, enabled him to both get Gavin to Tae Kwon Do for belt re-testing AND comb out ClaraJane’s hair and made it through my Kids Night gig I need to frigging sleep.

Tomorrow I hope to finish thank yous to the kids’ teachers and bus driver,  deliver them, say goodbyes, get Gavin his gear for his first baseball tryouts, and get ClaraJane to her first ballet class (starting ONE HOUR after the end of school) IN PROPER ATTIRE:

* Girls’ Attire for Ballet Classes

  • Solid color leotard
  • Light pink tights
  • Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers
  • Skirts and Tutus are optional.
  • Hair should be pulled back neatly and smoothly in a bun or ponytail.
  • No jewelry is permitted except stud earrings.

It’s so prim and precise that it’s exciting somehow, not least because our little GIRL is so excited.  Only the first and last class of the 6-week session is open to parental viewing.  And speaking of ATTIRE, I will be doing that in costume myself before immediately disappearing off to work the Red Sox game at Fenway.  Then thank heavens Daddy can pick up the pieces with the kids and the car and everything.  I will have to find out later whether her legs end up highlighted neon pink.

That is how I aspire to finish the school year and start the summer, tomorrow.

DHubsand joked today about making babies and I said, “Nnooooooooo… that’s okay.  I want WHAT I HAVE.”

I do.

And also sleep.


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1 Response to Commencement Commitments – These are the Dyes

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    ClaraJane the Ballerina! How EXITING!!!

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