AMERICA FEELS GREAT: Album Cover and Song Titles

February 2016

You’ve no doubt heard the unbelievable news that my brother and I founded a brand new fake band: AMERICA FEELS GREAT.   Well here’s the new album cover!


2016-02-17 19.27.22-7 AFG COVER



And here is our working list of non-working song titles:


  1. Flight of the Tequilla
  2. The Limited Road to Golden Devotion
  3. Accidental Dick
  4. You’re Beautiful on the Outside
  5. Fuck Writing, It’s On Facebook (Suite in 3 parts)
  6. Bowl Real Quick
  7. It’s Hella Raining
  8. Thunder on San Pablo
  9. What’s Happy About No Donuts
  10. Up at the ‘Line
  11. Gizzy Thing


And because my band mate and I are separated by -literally- America, none of this has been worked out or is final (or in fact vetted by my bandmate).  But here are some more album cover possibilities we are busy considering (Slideshow in 3 parts):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Which one is your favorite?

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1 Response to AMERICA FEELS GREAT: Album Cover and Song Titles

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    With that album cover and song titles, you’re bound to be a success, songs or no songs, vetting or no vetting. Composing or none, singing or not. The important thing is to BELIEVE you’re making an album.

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