More Attempts to Not Make Pictures

aka: Total Fail!

Friday,  February 26th 2016


2016-02-26 16.43.38-1 CJ WORLD

It’s her world and we live in it.

After literally years of waiting, we got this gorgeous and wonderful wall art map.


2016-02-26 19.33.48-1 Bricoleurs

Tinkering with Tools



In French it’s called “bricolage” -tinkering- and it’s part of the culture to mess around with things and fix stuff.  At the risk of bragging, I was proud to see my (7 y/o) son take repair his (10 y/o) friend’s discarded automatic Nerf gun bullet round holder thingy (regrettable gun culture aside).  Using his own tools, Gavin disassembled it, removed the offending crayon (naturally inserted by a baby sister), reassembled it, tested it and returned it. ♥♥♥♥♥

Meanwhile ClaraJane was working on a booster seat problem.  I think she’s about ready for her own tools as well.

Saturday, February 27th


2016-02-27 09.43.14-1

Being irresistible to mommy, per usual.


2016-02-27 12.45.06-1

Baby’s growing up

Now that the kitten is getting older, he seems to be taking on some responsibility around the house, like keeping pants from flying away.  #DarthSnowflake   #holdingdownthepants


As you can see, I’m failing to not make pictures.

The struggle is real.

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