This Guy, Right Here – #Sanders2016

Feb 2016

Anyone who knows me on Facebook can see the hailstorm of madness I stir up daily fighting what I consider to be a moral crusade to save the world in the name of truth, justice and humanity.  Mostly I relegate all my political activism there (praise the heavens for the Facebook platform).  And there are so many pressing issues that I truly don’t know how to encapsulate any of it and therefore haven’t blogged about it at all.

But here.  This guy.  This wonderful wonderful human being:

Bernie Sanders on his Religious Beliefs – CNN Town Hall – February 23, 2016 [1min,7secs]:


He is so very decent and I love him.   AND I believe him wholly capable of the job of POTUS.  What an amazing honor it would be to have such a person of dignity and integrity -and his awesome wife- in the White House for the next term… preferably TWO.



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