Babies It’s Cold Outside

Tuesday,  January 5th 2015

It’s super cold out this morning.  Like it stings to inhale and tears leap out of your eyes crying “Whyyyyyy?” as they fall, freezing into tiny ice drops that shatter on the ground.   9° degrees Fahrenheit, turns out.  Thank goodness I’d bundled up these children.

Waiting for the schoolbus I ask Gavin if I can take his picture and he goes, “Sure. ‘Cheese!'”



ClaraJane demurs, but I sneak one anyway (sorry Baby):



The new face of Elementary School terrorism?  Nope, just winter in New England.  And this Cali girl loves it.  All I need is indoor shelter, heat and coffee.  Ha that’s all.  And wifi.

[Note: Homemade hats by Bubble Wow.]

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1 Response to Babies It’s Cold Outside

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Brrr indeed. Nice to see my hats doing their job.

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