Magic in the Mess, Huh?


Sunday, January 3rd 2015

Crawling, clawing out of the post-apocalyptic wreckage that is December Holiday Break at Home with your Family…  the light at the end of the tunnel actually lies in the hope that comes with knowing these rug rats (and even the DH) will be back in action -ELSEWHERE- tomorrow!  (Although sadly I fear the operative word in that sentence is “lies.”)

As in;

lie to me coffee


Meanwhile I’m getting present to the lifelong fact that I have ever felt only as much serenity as there is in my environment.  So that means, right now, just about not any.

I know, I know, #Mindfulness.  And;

peace within the storm


But I’m just wondering…  #Xanax?

Ha ha ha. #notreallyjoking  #okfineillgomeditate  #gah

Also this:



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