Jenny, Jenny, Jenny and Tall Paul

January 2016

At the behest of Tommy the veteran Cambridge native, actual Marine and most endearing custodian at our kids’ school, I looked up these two pieces of musical history as he decreed.  It seemed fitting that I note them here for posterity.

Jenny, Jenny by Little Richard [2:06]:


You might want to stop there, or shield your eyes from this next one lest it leave you scarred as it has my husband.  Nothing against Annette Funicello, but… ouch!  The song’s okay, just consider yourself warned re: this video.

Tall Paul, Annette Funicello [1:54]:


I hadn’t actually realized there was a song about each of us until Tommy told me, but now I do and now you know too.  (o:

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1 Response to Jenny, Jenny, Jenny and Tall Paul

  1. Kathy Ziegler says:

    Way too cute. I did not know that either and that is my generation. Thanks for sharing!

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