Tobin Author Celebration

Tuesday, November 17th 2015

On this day we had the joy of coming into school to read and celebrate the writing work the students have been creating this fall.  First up, ClaraJane:

2015-11-22 14.18.13



Here she is showing off the name card which she carefully wrote herSELF:


Author’s Name:  ClaraJane


As I was able to sneak copies of several of her stories, I will share them in the next post.   Meanwhile, over in Gavin’s classroom, he had most of a fleshed out story about Halloween typed up for his presentation, but then against his teacher’s directions that morning he had whipped out another HALF of the story full of detail and intrigue by hand, proving how *capable* he is of producing good work, in spite of his reluctance to do so day after day.   Now why is that?   Allow him to demonstrate:

Gavin's Favorite Activity

Gavin’s Favorite Thing


There he is, *demonstrating* a typical method by which he tries to get through the school day, all the time.  Sneaking off and hiding in order to READ.  That is our Boy.  And it’s  a “problem,” although I must add as a mother it’s the greatest “problem” I could possibly hope for.   Here he is performing for us what it looks like when he gets busted, puts his book away real quick and stands up to face the teacher:

Who me?

“Who me?”


Frankly this is all a continuation of the issues we faced last year (reading in place of  curriculum), the biggest difference being his good nature about it this year and his clearly self-aware sense of humor.   We’re working on it.  And may I add?  LOVE THAT KID.


Aunt Amanda & Uncle Mark stop by too

Aunt Amanda & Uncle Mark stop by too


So amazing that my sister Amanda and I have kids the same age in the same town at the same school.   And it truly is a rare treat for everyone to have family *inside* the classroom.  Here is Miles:

Author Miles

Author is Miles Kolonoski.  new Sister


Miles story was a wonderfully structured, dramatic accounting of the day his baby sister (Mary) was born.  Honestly it was a great read, you could really feel like you were there, it featured all the usual suspects in the family, and conveyed how I never knew he truly feels about his sister; that she is so cute you want to scream!  (‘Bout sums it up.)


Also lots of friends’ kids, including our own Victor, dear friend and 3 y/o “First Year Student” in ClaraJane’s class:

Author Victor

Author’s name:  Victor


Lots more I wish I captured here (especially Zaida), but I leave you with this; ClaraJane’s portrait of Paul and me:

Parents (ha!)

Parents (ha!)


What a celebration.












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  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Thanks for covering this Big Event! I can’t wait to read all the “‘turries.”

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