Dumb Ways to Die, by Gavin

Friday,  November 13th 2015, after school

Today CJ gave us very specific updates from Room 283, and Gavin gave us this cartoon he penciled in Art Class today.

“Hi I’m Fred and I’m going to show you some dumb ways to die.”


Cartoon by Gavin in Art Class

Panel 1: Fred on a Horse
Panel 2: falling off a cliff into a shark’s mouth
Panel 3: stepping on an army anthill
Panel 4: stepping into an oncoming train
Panel 5: forgetting your parachute
Panel 6: suffocating
Panel 7: Fred in a car

By Gavin


Here he is showing it to Bubble Wow at the hospital today:

Bubble Wow & Gavin

Bubble Wow & Gavin


She loved it.

It also reminds us of this video from a couple years back (and which I am about to show Gavin for the first time):


So now we know.


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1 Response to Dumb Ways to Die, by Gavin

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    This is pretty brilliant, esp for 2nd grade!

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