Breakfast in ClaraJane’s Classroom

Friday, October 9th 2015


Class Breakfast in Room 283


Before taking off for the weekend, Paul and I partake in one of the rare special times parents are invited into the Montessori Children’s House Classroom, replete with breakfast.  Here is ClaraJane giggling behind us:


Peek-a…tee hee hee


We are so lucky to be at this school, not to mention have Ms. Mayya as ClaraJane’s teacher (& Ms. KariAnne – not shown):

ClaraJane & Ms. Mayya

ClaraJane & Ms. Mayya


First some nibbles, then to the Works!

Clay Work

Clay Work


Good for developing fine motor skills –plus a ton of other benefits– and fun!


“I made Olaf!”


Here she shows me a work practicing with screws and a screwdriver with confident, deft little fingers (randomly in the “Language Area”):


Talk about “Practical Life!”


And finally,  a shot from classmate Annika’s lovely dad,  Kyle:


Miss ClaraJane

When she saw this picture of herself she said,  “Bea-ut-iful!”

And when I look at it I say,  “Magic.”

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1 Response to Breakfast in ClaraJane’s Classroom

  1. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    Magical and beu-ti-ful!

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