The Tattoo Artist

Thursday, July 23rd 2015

(Continued from: Tattoos by ClaraJane – An Entrepreneur is Born.)

First thing in the morning, totally unprompted, she goes to transfer her tips into her personal bank savings jar.

Baby's Monet

Baby’s Monet

We also counted; $5.55 total, including the seed money.  A self-generated income stream by a 4 year old.  #wow

When (in a classically obnoxious mom way) I ask her to repeat her little song, she just ignores me and carries on with her business:


And goes off to find her next customer; Daddy.


Bedside Service, no less!


I think his first tattoo was free.

Ta Da!

Her New Customer


Here is the very pleased little Business Lady.

The Artist and her Work

The Artist and her Work




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