Tattoos by ClaraJane – An Entrepreneur is Born

Wednesday, July 22nd 2015

On this day, my gig was for our city at a park to entertain before the screening of an outdoor movie.  Paul was working, and instead of finding a babysitter I was considering taking the kids with me; a risky business.   Yes I am a family entertainer, but I don’t care what your line of work is, “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” is always dicey.  I was doubtful, but then ClaraJane showed all this interest and initiative following through on her idea to offer temporary tattoos!  So we made her a kit –tip jar and all– and off we went.


2015-07-22 18.13.29-1

Business Launch


Once there, after cheerfully scoping out the lay of the land with me, telling everyone she met, “I’m a Tattoo Artist.”  She then picked her spot and opened shop.  She already had customers before I even began setting up my own props.

2015-07-22 19.03.29-1

Open for Business


Brother camped out nearby “in case she needed any help.”  (She didn’t.)

2015-07-22 19.03.12-1



By all appearances she garnered much intrigue and respect from the cool “Big Girl” crowd.

2015-07-22 19.03.49-1



Um; she was kinda pretty much in her own, self-created, total and utter glory.

2015-07-22 19.11.35-1

CJ in her Parlour


I had put one dollar for seed money in her jar.  (Not bad; A $1 start up!)  She came running over in excitement to me when she made her first dollar.  I had coached her about the money issue and she immediately learned to answer queries with, “I take tips!”

Later during the movie she offered her services to me, adding, “You can tip me after it’s done.”  I paid her $1 for the first, and the next two were complimentary, maybe because I’m her mom or something.

2015-07-22 21.38.20-1

Checking her work


She even developed a little song about it (granted she gets distracted performing it in this recording on account of the arrival of an ambulance):  


And here we are trying to wrap up for the day:


And let us be clear, she just turned FOUR!



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