Lost at Pond – Plymouth Edition

Sat-Mon July 18-20, 2015

This weekend we sneaked away for a little impromptu escape for two nights and one luxurious day at my Sister-in-Law, Auntie Liz’s place in the magical wilds of Plymouth, replete with:

2015-07-19 00.49.01



2015-07-19 12.04.31




2015-07-19 15.03.24-1

Pond Time with Friends



2015-07-19 15.03.32-1

Big Wet Chico Dog Head



2015-07-19 15.13.32-2

Pond Rescue #1



2015-07-19 15.40.17-1

Pond Rescue #2



2015-07-19 15.41.01

Help!  Won’t somebody SAVE her?



2015-07-19 15.51.10

Repeated rescues of a tennis ball


The final Pond Rescue was such a prolonged struggle against the subtle, persistent breeze that by the time we finally made it back our base camp crew had gotten bored and went home.  A very anticlimactic conclusion to otherwise heroic efforts.  Granted it was only for some floaty toys, but still.

Back at El Rancho things were also getting desperate for the bunnies, who found themselves under siege by a vicious lion.

2015-07-19 17.01.30

“This is bullsh*t!”


Though nothing compares to when the children decided to go literally PLAY IN TRAFFIC.  Such a harrowing occurrence I have nothing more to say than by miracles no one got kilt. F*ing yikes, y’all.  Here are two of them doing the opposite:

2015-07-19 17.13.51

Zaida and Gavin


Come Monday morning, Gavin was rearing to go start TaeKwonDo Camp!

2015-07-20 07.11.09-1

Sleeping Ninja*


*(Although I have since been informed, lovingly, that it is not altogether accurate to refer to him as a “Ninja” since Ninja’s do KUNG FU, not Tae Kwon Do!  Exhibit #2349BX of things I learn from my kid every day.)

PS:  Not shown:  Zachary, Olivia, incomparably fat cats (Henry & Howie), hammock, or any of the handfuls of frogs/toads captured throughout the weekend.

PPS:  Thanks Liz for another wonderful time in Plymouth!  And Oxy, Lou, Zaida and Victor for joining us!

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1 Response to Lost at Pond – Plymouth Edition

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Art, Water toys, Tae Kwon Do, Sleeping, Floating = YES
    Playing in Traffic = WWWHHHHAAAATTTTT? NOOOOO!

    I see Ms Deinak-Pingatore is safely back from Cuba. Where can I see the pictures and hear or read the report? !!!!!!!!!! Inquiring minds and all that!! So proud of her!

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