Taking it to the Bank

Friday, July 24 2015

With her new Tattoo tips, some birthday money, marble money (earned around the house), *brother’s* marble money that he didn’t want (!), three loose dollars she charmed from my purse, and a pile of quarters abandoned by her brother on one of their toy shelves… Baby Girl collected $40 dollah!  She chose a bright pink envelope to contain it all, taped it shut and wrote her deposit information all over it in scribble (since she doesn’t yet know how to write actual letters).  Nor can she reach the counter at the bank, but that does not deter her.  Here she is making her deposit at the bank, with brother looking on in mild interest (no pun intended).

She'd like to make a desposit

She’d “like to make a deposit please” 


When Brother saw all the quarters coming out, he realized what had happened; “THOSE ARE MINE!” he exclaimed, his *interest* suddenly intense.

"Those are mine!"

“Those are mine!”


It wasn’t my intention to capture his face right at its moment of pique, I just happened to be taking the picture.  And the funny thing about this face is; it’s *mine.*  That’s my face!   I invented that look.  It’s a variation on what my Dad and Step-Mom affectionately referred to as the “Shit Look” back in the day (early 70’s).

I had to explain to Brother that 1) If he wanted to keep the quarters, why did he leave them under the lid to her jar of doll clothes, and 2) He’d originally helped himself to them in Auntie Liz’s basement in the first place, so technically the quarters are Liz’s.   But if either of them had cared about those particular quarters, they would have secured them, like you see ClaraJane doing here now for example.

As I’m sure you guessed, he was not pleased to hear any of this.  In fact he stormed out of the bank and threatened to walk home alone.  By keeping calm and carrying on I narrowly escaped any untoward drama in that department, but I digress from the original glory and hero of this story, which is the GIRL; Takin’ it to the Bank!

Little Business Women

Business Girl


Perhaps one day we will need to write another sequel to Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.

I think we shall call it; Little Business Women.


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1 Response to Taking it to the Bank

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Big brothers beware: A baby sister will EAT YOUR LUNCH!

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