Spring Tea with ClaraJane 2015

Friday, May 8th 2015

Imagine my delight at discovering *I* was ClaraJane’s chosen recipient of her invitation to Spring Tea at School.

2015-05-05 07.01.51-1

Like Winning the Lottery


With all her Daddy does for her I’m not sure I’m worthy, but who am I to decline?


Getting Ready


In fact, when I delivered the rest of the home-made Snicker Doodle Cookies and lemon cake frosting from Paul’s loving efforts, Ms. Mayya took them gratefully, remarking; “Jenny, how on earth did you ever find such a wonderful husband?”   (He had also come to school yesterday to guide all the children through the baking preparations.  His 6’9″ frame bent over them sitting at a 16 inch tall table no less… no photos!)

First, it was Classroom 283’s turn to go to the office to perform morning announcements.

In Line

Calm Body, Hands Behind Back… (sometimes!)


Then back to the classroom.

Spring Tea Time

Tea Time


ClaraJane escorted me by hand to our personally set table, pulled out my chair and asked,  “What would you like to drink?”  A quick peruse of the menu and the choice was clear;

... Iced Tea Please

… Iced Tea Please!


Students serve their guests first, then themselves.

"Don't eat yet!"

“Don’t eat yet Mom!”


After serving and seating herself, it was time to begin.  First with a toast, then nibbling happy together.

Ladies at Tea

Ladies at Tea


We had coordinated our outfits and hair.  One dad remarked, “You look like twins!”  Then ClaraJane clarified to me;  “But I have *cute* braids and you don’t.”   Fair enough, although according to this report from a mom friend, Gavin may feel otherwise:

I'll take it.


Next to our table was this charming little Montessori work containing samples of Water, Land and Air.

Water, Land, Air

Montessori World


At the end of the tea we were presented with hand-decorated pots of planted spider plants for Mother’s Day (although anyone can be the child’s guest of honor; in addition to fathers I also saw a sibling, an uncle, and a school administrator).

Here Mom

“Here Mom.  It’s for you.  I made it!  And it’s called a ‘Spider Plant.’  But there are no spiders on it.”    


With that we were thanked for coming, and we applauded the children.

ClaraJane with Ms. Mayya and Ms. KariAnne

ClaraJane with Ms. Mayya and Ms. KariAnn


Here is Ms. Mayya’s Review:

from Ms. Mayya

Grace, Courtesy and Practical Life, Oh My


The toughest part?  Leaving, chiefly in the face of your child’s sweet pleas to NOT leave, please!  But ClaraJane was a “graceful and proud host,”  and did relent without too much of a fuss, and let me (leave so I could come back again soon to retrieve her).

Her heart makes mine burst

Her heart makes mine burst



And now you know about Spring Tea, Tobin Montessori Style.


And Melt


Thank you ClaraJane!







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3 Responses to Spring Tea with ClaraJane 2015

  1. This makes me so happy I could cry! Much love to you and yours.

  2. Kathy Ziegler says:

    What a wonderful day with your daughter.

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