Mother’s Day 2015

Sunday May 10th 2015

Round One

Round One

With my tea; strawberries, oranges AND raspberries, lovingly arranged by Gavin himself.


Round Two

Round Two

A half-eaten piece of dried up leftover pizza.   “Just kidding!”  (Humour appreciated!)


Round Three

Round Three

Toasted bagel with lox, capers, chopped onion, cracked pepper, hard boiled egg oh my.


The Genius Behind the Culinary Art

The DaddyLove Genius Behind it All


Clearly my son needs to be eating this stuff more than I do.  But hmm, someone is still missing;




My daughter, in her favorite outfit of love and stars, per usual.

Then things become complicated as these munchkins climb into the bed to munch my breakfast for me.  So I bag it and bring the whole enterprise back to the kitchen, but it sure was a spectacular bedside performance!


Crazy Blessed

Crazy Blessed


That all moms could be this lucky.


[To be continued…]




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performing artist, mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece... just a regular extraordinary person
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