“If” Gavin Had 100 Books

Tuesday, April 7th 2015

If He Had 100 Books

If He Had 100 Books


At school assembly this morning, Gavin’s class sang an original rendition of “If I Had a Million Dollars,” while showcasing their own artwork about a favorite thing.  



When it was Gavin’s turn he actually sang into the microphone as well:

2015-04-07 If Gavin Had 100 [43 secs]:


Towards the end they also sang together about Montessori math materials of which I’m so fond; “If I had 100 Golden Beads, I’d trade them for a 100 square” and, “If I had a hundred ten bars, I’d trade them for a 1,000 cube.”  Adorable.

PS: He has HUNDREDS of books, and reads all the time. Like right now for example;

Daddy's Comics Sunday Morning

Daddy’s Comics Sunday Morning

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1 Response to “If” Gavin Had 100 Books

  1. Kathy Ziegler says:

    Awesome, Gavin.

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