A Day in the Life – Apres Easter

Monday, April 6th 2015

Perhaps hungover from Easter, my son was too grumpy to sit with his sister for School Breakfast.  He is the little orange speck there in the background:

2015-04-06 07.44.42-1

A Family that Dines Together…


His sister did not seem to mind her brother’s standoffishness:

Goofball Breakfast

Goofball Breakfast


She is not mocking him here, just goofing around apropos of nothing:

I don't know where this clown came from

I don’t know where this clown came from


Apparently refreshed from nourishment (about which he’d been pissed I insisted he have), he came over pleased with himself and a bag of chips on his head:

Chip Head Boy

Potato Chip Head


After school that day, we happened to drift into companionship with some wonderful school friends.   For reasons you and I would apparently understand if we were kids -or would not need to ask-  the kids arbitrarily piled themselves into a Car Party:

Car Party!

It’s a Car Party


If you need to ask what that is, you are obviously not a kid.  (Incidentally, the level of *blonde* in the school was way over-represented in the car this afternoon.  In fact might have been 100% of them right there.)   Then it wasn’t long before the oldest uttered the fateful words: “Jenny could you paint my face?”

To their delight I *happen* to keep all my work gear in the car (“just in case”); and to mine I *happened* to have the time.  To boot it was also a beautiful sunny day (of few so far this year), and they *happen* to have a yard where they live across the street from school.  Stars align!

Up first;


Fierce Dragon


Then ClaraJane:


Precocious Unicorn



Not a Butterfly (o:

Not a Butterfly


Finally, Gavin’s “Barbarian” from “Clash of Clans:”




Final Result?




Given that these parents and I are among those aiming to foster Mindfulness within our community, I thought it particularly fitting to find this *serene* tableau in their yard:

Anytime, Anywhere

Anytime, Anywhere


On the way home we stopped by Daddy’s work to show him our faces, and to see his:

Seefood Paul

Seefood Paul


Then my Mom who came over for rescue babysitting while Paul and I had work conflicts.  Here is her summary:

♥                                 ♥                                   ♥

ClaraJane put herself to bed immediately after two stories and was snoring by 7:15. Paul said she’s been napless for a couple of days.  Being tired, she pitched a fit a couple of times (“I want my mommy!” “Sorry, she’s working.  Just eat your dinner.”) but we just plowed through them and she recovered pretty much of her own volition.  Gavin from his second-story aerie claimed he didn’t want to listen to stories, but offered a from-memory running commentary on every page.*   

ClaraJane’s toothbrush seems to be missing.  She used her finger.

I loved having the timed schedule to follow.  Very helpful.  Love the Easter photos!

*[“Spot Bakes a Gateau” in French (I could translate most of it), and “Stick” (love the ending of “Stick.” I’ve heard ClaraJane previously make reference to people who “glow.”)]

                                       ♥                                 ♥                                   ♥


These are the days.

Oh!  Easter photos!  Right-O.





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