Gotta Start Somewhere – ClaraJane and Simra

Even as I sit down to type right now, my daughter is climbing out of the empty drawer slot in the living room entertaining our 1 year-old next door neighbor girl, and our son is outside the door making fabulous Hotwheel creations with young neighbor boys; either of which I could create scintillating documentation around. But after generating media, one need also REVIEW, EDIT, POLISH and CURATE.

The paradox however, is when surrounded 24/7 by this nonstop firehose of material that is KIDS… as for handling the media one so readily generates in spades… the question remains; WHEN?

To wit: now the big little girls are intently playing KITCHEN with the innumerable items in the Play Kitchen area we have partially blocking the door to the office, while being studied equally intently by the CAT.  And it’s adorable.  But am I going to take photos and videos?

Am I?  I was going to say, “no I am not,” because I want to tell you about this other stuff. But who am I kidding?

I Can't Resist This Stuff

I Can’t Resist This Stuff

And speaking of these two, here is my favorite photo of them:

They're Practically Twins

ClaraJane and Simra

They’re practically twins.  (o:

Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this digression as I have.  This one in near real-time.

On to other recent happenings!

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