Rockwellian Christmas Tree Day

Sunday, December 7th 2014

Blessed with no work on this early December Sunday, Dear Hubby and I undertook to take our kids OUT of the city and INTO the country to find ourselves a Christmas Tree.  Imagine:

A drive just long enough to shake off shades of the city, and voila:

"Country, Etc."

“Country, Etc.”

A simple greeting from the lovely proprietors of Wolf Hill Farm, and we’re off through the woods.  First up, this heavenly brook:

I wanted to capture the essence of it and slip it in my breast pocket and take it home forever.  But with kids such a fleeting thought is about as close as you come to actual communion with nature.  Or anything.  Like, thoughts.



On the other hand, possibly my favorite photo bomb of all time:

Girl:  YouKnowWhatMom?

Girl: YouKnowWhatMom?

And the moment is gone.  But lo, what’s this?

Pinch Me

Hi Boys

Pinch me.

Am I Dreaming?

Am I dreaming?

Through the woods to a Christmas Tree field:

With the Twins

With the Twins

Looking for The One:

Can you spot the Boy?

Can you spot the Boy?

Hmm, why does that tree have pirate boots?

Oh that explains it


Not sure which tree to choose, so let’s try a Flamly Pic:

CircusKitchen Selfie

CircusKitchen Selfie

We agree on a tree and Daddy does the honors. (Sorry tree!  And thank you farmer!)

She's a Beauty

She’s a Beauty

I’m happy this is the most barbaric thing we do in the woods:

Man and his Coup

Man and his Coup

Boy moves in for the kill with Hand Saw:


Shaped like a *gun* no less!

[Kids and tools: a whole other post.]


Saw with Daddy

More Boy in Glory:

Chisel and Hammer

Chisel and Hammer

Even sharing the love with his Sister!

Here's how you hammer and chisel, Clarita.

Here’s how you hammer and chisel, Clarita.

When she did it, he exclaimed, “You’re DOING it Clarita!”  (Such sweet Big-Brotherly Love his Mamma drinks in like Manna.) #swoon

On another note, one huge perk of pulling out the Christmas decorations is dressing up the cat:

Peter Parker as Mrs. Claus

Peter Parker as Mrs. Claus

You can tell he totes *loves* it, although perhaps not as much as Flash Cat here with us cracking up at him:

Kill me now

Save me

In case you’re worried about the cat, here he is contemplating his life in the corner:

How did it come to this

How did it come to this?

Because I’m usually everywhere but home on weekends, having the day off and spending it with my family and feeling like a stereotype -archetype perhaps- never felt so good.

Tree’s not decorated yet, but here’s a taste of the magical Christmas Spirit infiltrating our home we love so entirely:

Star Light Star Bright

Star Light Star Bright

First star I see tonight!







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