Cuteness Overload: ClaraJane and Fluff

Thursday, December 10th 2014 @2:25pm

This just in. ClaraJane’s ride home from school today:

ClaraJane and Fluff [28 seconds]:    []

Correction:  I misquoted ClaraJane in this film.  Where the subtitle says, “A CJ little girl,” she informs me she in fact said, “A ClaraJane Girl!”  which I agree has a better ring to it.  Moving imperfectly forward however…

Girl and Bunny

Girl and Bunny


Fluff and oh, a GIRL!

Fluff and oh, a GIRL!

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1 Response to Cuteness Overload: ClaraJane and Fluff

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Cuteness overload, indeed!

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