El Rancho con Familia

If you happen to own a hammock, it can be a very useful thing to have relatives with trees in the country from which to hang it.


It’s Hammock Time

Once you are enjoying said hammock, be prepared for company.

Here she comes

Here she comes

That’s better.

That's better.

Wait, what’s that behind us?

More company!



Sweet, sweet solitude.

A special solitude

Flamly style.

When in the country, you must also be careful of wildlife.



Wild fire.

Eh, eh, fire.

Yeah baby

Flammable debris.

That's my baby.

That’s my baby

Sizzling, opulent feasts.

That's my Manmeat.

That’s my Manmeat


Stack o' Cousins

Cousin Stack

And men from Brooklyn wielding chain saws.  [Click to play; 29 seconds]:

Lastly, if you are very lucky, you might spy rare and precious sightings.


Snuggling Cousins

And afterwards, you might want to ask yourself…

Was it all a dream?

Was it a dream?

Better just not ask.   (o:



About circuskitchen

performing artist, mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece... just a regular extraordinary person
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1 Response to El Rancho con Familia

  1. Kathy Ziegler says:

    Great to see the family together having so much fun.

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