Abducted Nigerian School Girls

Disclaimer:  Huge digression from the usual focus of this usually otherwise fun blog.  Sorry!

After being asked online (by “Bennet for Colorado”) to weigh in on the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on whether to allow employers to restrict their female employees’ access to birth control, I just wrote this (and naturally had to share, lucky you):

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I am a mother. Being so is both the greatest and most challenging job I’ve ever had. It is also the single greatest impediment that women face, when their babies are born, to participation in the WORK force. I am blessed to provide for my family by virtue of the career I was able to cultivate over the 15 years BEFORE giving birth.  To suggest that I should have remained sexually inactive until my mid-thirties is nothing less than archaic, absurd, unrealistic and moreover, MISOGYNISTIC.  Sadly, some parts of our culture will still point to the moral depravity of sexually active women, while never to that of men.  All the same, to have deprived me of access to basic health care such as birth control would have burdened me with the health care issue of PREGNANCY and then saddled me with children before I was capable of serving as a productive member of society.  We would likely have lived in poverty and been dependents of the state, like so many young single mothers around the world today.

To the same point, the recent abduction of school girls in Nigeria is the perfect way to ensure social and economic inequity in that country.  As we read these very words, they are being raped, impregnated and sold; for more rape and future impregnations. To believe otherwise is purely naive.  Keeping these girls from their educations and future productivity but instead saddling them with REPRODUCTIVITY… is simply a more direct -if barbaric- way of achieving the same thing as blocking access to contraception in this so called “developed” country.   Therein lies the moral depravity.  Thank you.

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So there I said it.  AND shared it.  It feels extreme to say… but oppression of women is oppression of women, and what greater method than stripping freedom by imposed pregnancy??

Back to bunnies, bouncing big babies and birthdays soon… I swear.



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1 Response to Abducted Nigerian School Girls

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Thanks for connecting some dots. Unfortunately, there is no limit to the methods that cowardly and insecure individual males will devise to oppress and torture females in order to inflate their own crippled egos.

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