He Loves Soldiers

In honor of Memorial Day, Gavin wrote this:

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Then he turned it into a Memorial Day “Book”:

Gavin's Memorial Day Book

Gavin’s Memorial Day Book

Gavin’s M D Book   I want to be a soldier.   Wars are cool.   I love soldiers.   Happy Memorial Day Weekend

*             *              *                *                 *                 *

OK, let us pause here for a moment so my mom -our beloved Bubble Wow- can collect herself off the floor.  To be sure, in her weekly adventures with Gavin and cousin Miles, she is steadfast in her commitment to temper their DNA-inflicted, dizzying infatuation with GUNS and all things BATTLE-related with the REALITY of War; that -among other things- it is often an exercise dreamt up by men in power to send boys off to get killed, and there is NOTHING GLAMOROUS ABOUT IT.

Yet boys will be boys.  What could I do but answer with my own “book”:

Wars are NOT COOL

No, wars are NOT COOL

         Memorial Day Book by Mom    I appreciate soldiers, yet…   I’m sad about all the kids who are sent away to fight and die.   I’m mad at greedy men who start (unnecessary) wars.    I’m sorry for the mothers who lose their sons.   I hope humans will learn to live in peace, with NO wars.    The end.

*             *              *                *                 *                 *

Daddy & ClaraJane also got into the act:

Memorial Day Books

Memorial Day “Books”

And then Gavin wrote this:

The Book of Love + Peac

The BOOk OF Love + Peac


Peace is a Flower


Love is wenn you smile


If you bump in to someone hlep him up

If not a soldier, it looks like my son could have a future in politics.  *sigh*

No it isn't.

(Genuine “Another Mother for Peace” Vietnam-Era necklace from my Mom) 

Thank you

And to the living ones.

Happy Memorial Day!

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2 Responses to He Loves Soldiers

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Congratulations, O Flamly. What a perfect way to spend Memorial Day.

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    I must say, this is what I call Good Parenting!

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