Baby Bunny Diaries: Staying Alive

PLEASE pardon the prolongued interlude since the last update, during the “Longest Shortest Month of the Year.”  (We had the kids home for the entire February “Break.”  NINE solid days; what were we thinking? But that’s another post.)  And THANKS to everyone who has weighed in with your interest and support for little Baby Wig’s.  So alas the answer is, YES; Wiggles is doing great so far!

Here’s what he (she?) was up to over that first week [Click to play, 3mins, 38secs] Wiggles’ First Week:

And Sunday (2/23/2014) we had this development [Click to play, 1min, 13secs]  Wiggles Winks:

As of this writing, Wiggles is TWO weeks old, getting FLUFFY and impossibly cuter every day.  I promise to keep posting.  I also promise to resume posting about (spoiler alert!) OTHER stuff that ALSO happens in our lives.  (Even if -admittedly- all this bunny business has totally dominated my documentation efforts lately.  Gah!  So irresistible.)  Oh, and I *guess* I promise to also ATTEND to other stuff that *needs* to happen in our life (work, life, bills, death, taxes, YAY!).  *sigh*

But first, THIS:

Wiggles & Miles & Smiles

Wiggles & Miles & Smiles

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3 Responses to Baby Bunny Diaries: Staying Alive

  1. Kathy Ziegler says:

    Thanks for the update. A very cute picture of Miles and Wiggles.

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    Good for you, Wiggles!! Keeping on keeping on! Surrounded by clouds of cuteness and good-mommy-ness.

  3. Bubble Wow says:

    You seem to have a criminal excess of cuteness at your house. I may have to report you for hoarding.

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