Crazy Bunny Lady Diaries: Will He Make It?

In each of the first two days of this tiny little life, Wiggles the Baby Bunny suffered a devastating fall off the table onto the floor, alone.  (At least they are devastating to me.)  He had obviously wiggled -or been pushed- out of the nesting box yesterday afternoon, and then wiggled across he table, onto the floor and across the floor until he wedged himself behind this other box.  His eyes are still shut by the way, and he was still alive, although kind of listless.  I immediately put him on mommy’s belly, holding her, and sometimes holding him.  (It’s okay to touch your domestic baby bunnies btw, in case you missed that in a previous post.)  Sometime in there I also pull fur from around the rest of the nipples I can find (four altogether).  He half-heartedly nurses, more just curling up into a pathetic fetal position, kind of twitching and falling asleep.

Wiggles Hangs On [click to play, 1 min, 7secs]

After warming and stimulating him as much as I felt he could stand, I relented and made a safe little nest box for him all his own.  And I left him there to rest, hopefully not to die.  He hangs on for the balance of the afternoon, and at around 9pm we try another feed.   It goes pretty well.  My mom is there now, and concurs how wonderful it is to see him curling up to nap on mamma’s belly.

DAY III:   February 15th 2014

At five this morning we have another go.  Little Guy -“Wiggles”- is healthy and vigorous.  In fact when I put him on mom’s belly he almost jumped as he squealed three little chirps of excitement before latching on with vigor.   A quick energetic feed, another milk coma, and SCENE.  He’s looking healthy!

I’m getting nervous about what else might befall him.  I’m not trusting Fluff at all, as she’s sometimes pushing his little nest box over.  So I rubber band a paper towel over it to keep him in there.  Later this morning, she has broken through it, and is protectively sitting on top of him.  Nursing maybe?  It’s like she can’t make up her mind about motherhood.  What a psycho!  Or  just a regular dumb bunny I guess.  (Oh wait, maybe she’s just like the rest of us!)  In any case, I’ve secured their shared nesting box a bit better so he can’t wiggle out of a corner.  But still, he’s getting more active and I don’t trust the cats to take passive roles indefinitely.  I’m definitely rigging a more secure environment for baby and perhaps mommy too today.  (It’s Saturday and I actually have time.

I partly hate myself for caring so much.  Last night I was exhausted from the emotional roller coaster ride from this tiny little unwitting life, smaller than my finger!  The *guilt* of letting something bad happen is deeply taxing though.  Ugh!

As I told my mom, if *I* suffered a traumatic fall each of the first two days of my life, I don’t think I would choose to live a third.  But Wiggles HAS.  What a fighter!

Thanks to those of you who are even reading these Crazy Bunny Lady entries, those who are pulling for little Wiggles’ survival, and to my girl  Piper at Payson Road Farm for the encouraging coments the other day.  (Thank you; I’m thinking of you every step of the way!)  I may be a City Girl now, but I was raised in a proverbial Zoo.  You can take the girl out of the Zoo, but not the other way around!

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2 Responses to Crazy Bunny Lady Diaries: Will He Make It?

  1. Jane Ann says:

    I’m following the bunny tales (tails?) with baited breath waiting for the next episode. I’m routing for Wiggles. How could you NOT help him survive. I once saved a baby grackle who had fallen out of its nest onto the pavement in 100 degree heat. (If you ever rescue a baby bird, let me know. I’ll walk you through it!) Your uncle Tuffy once raised rabbits as a boy and I’ll never forget the trauma he went through when he found a litter of dead babies on the bottom of the cage. Won’t tell you in what state he found them to avoid too much gore. Lets just say the male rabbit wasn’t too thrilled to have them around. I’ve only seen Tuffy cry a couple of times in life. That was one. So Wiggles! Keep up the good fight. You’ve got a wonderful protector on your side. You can make it!

  2. Thank you Auntie!!! But that my poor dear Uncle could have known that is a very common fate for newborn bunnies. (One reason they multiply so much; lots of chances at survival!) But still not easy to take for anyone. I’m still kind of pining for that beautiful pinkish/white one that died second. Wondering what it would be like if I had thought to meddle with the nursing business just twelve hours earlier. Still haven’t found that technique anywhere online… but Wiggles seems to love it! And a lot more frequently than just once a day so far. No sooner does he start to nurse than he gets overwhelmed and passes out. Starts dreaming twitchy dreams. Who knows!?! Will definitely keep you posted!!! Much love, ~Jennifer (o=3 (bunny emoticon)

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