Crazy Bunny Lady Diaries: Lactation Edition

Crazy Bunny Lady Episode III (see previous two posts).

At 4am I awoke, wondering:  Just because that bunny didn’t pull her belly fur… does that mean I can’t do it for her?   So I did.  I got up and held her upside down in my lap, found one of her nipples and gently tugged little tufts of the fuzzy fur from around it.  It came out easily and didn’t seem to bother her.  Then I put her baby on there, and guess what!  He went to TOWN!  He (she?) had himself a vigorous little feed, even wiggling his head through her fur to find other nipples in there somehow, making little suckling noises and having himself a time.  I waited for the inevitable milk coma I remember so well from feeding my daughter

=> [photo pending] ClaraJane’s post-feed milk-coma (yes, at the computer while working…)

Sure enough, baby snuggled up and passed out, right there on the huge, luxurious bed of mamma belly fur, all safe and warm while mamma’s belly beats rhythmically with her little bunny breaths.  Heaven!

We repeated this procedure at 6:30am.  Look!  [Click to play, 1min, 21secs]  2014-02-14 Baby Bunny Nursing!

So psyched!  Also though, with shenanigans like this, it will be even harder to not feel attached to outcome.  Being bunnies, we are of course not out of the woods.  He was only ONE day old at this point, and plenty of other things can go awry with this little guy.

To wit, after a glorious “boozy lunch” out with my HUSBAND for VALENTINE’S DAY (amazing!), we come home, eager to see the baby bunny.  (OK, *I* was eager to see the baby bunny.)  And he’s NOT THERE!  I dig through the bedding, to no avail.  I am prepared for him to be dead, but not *missing*!  I look at the cats, suspiciously.  They look back at me, sleepily.  There’s four witnesses in the house (2 cats, 2 rabbits), and none of them are talking.  I move a box out from under the bunny table (it’s supposed to be our *crafts* table btw),  and voila.  Helpless exposed tiny baby bunny on the floor, cold and alone.  CRAP!!!

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2 Responses to Crazy Bunny Lady Diaries: Lactation Edition

  1. MaryMargaret says:

    You’re telling the story in cliffhanger chapters! Readers are breathlessly thinking — THEN what happened?

    • Just telling it like it is Mom! I saw Mark & Joy this morning. They were like, so is he okay? I’m like, “I don’t know! He was alive when I left this morning!” When I titled these posts “Crazy Bunny Lady,” … I didn’t know how apt that would be!

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