Bunny Diaries: Two Week Wiggles

Although I SWEAR I have other stuff to blog about TOO, I bow to the imperative to keep up on the dramatic narrative begun a mere 3 weeks ago.  Yes Wiggles continues to thrive!



Sometime in the last few days, I was lying on the couch snuggling her on my chest.  Then after a little while… BLIP!…then back to just sitting.  FLOOP!… (quiet).   FLIPPITY!  (then still again.)  And finally… BLOOP!   Little blips and twitches as she figures out how to HOP.  Ridiculous!  Cute.

Here he/she is at two weeks: [click to play, Wiggles @2 Weeks, 1min, 14secs]:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxusaKwn4cE

As I type, our fuzzy hero is actually blipping and flooping all around me and my keyboard; sometimes on my shoulder burrowing into the crick of my neck and hair, sometimes checking out the keys, sometimes blasting out a little sudden burst of speed as if to catch up to something REALLY important all of 12 inches away, sometimes a little scratch behind the ear, sometimes a little cleaning of the face,  sometimes just an isolated little hop in place.   Actually, she’s just hopping and sprinting and leaping all over the place.  I think she’s excited by the tapping of the keys.  Well that and her new found ability to DO all this STUFF!

As with my kids, I wish he/she could stay this way forever.  Instead I just record stuff all the time and then SOMETIMES manage to post some of it here.


Wiggles & Gavin

Wiggles & Gavin


Wiggles & ClaraJane

Wiggles & ClaraJane

THANKS for peeking in on this journey with me!


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3 Responses to Bunny Diaries: Two Week Wiggles

  1. Anita says:

    Amazingly sweet

  2. Kathy Ziegler says:

    love following the story and two of the cutest kids I have ever seen.

    Love, kathy

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