Actually a Big Bowl

This amuses me.

I heated up some soup for my Manmeat because he was sick and -just to scale it up to size for him- put it in a big serving bowl with a big serving spoon.  When I handed it to him, and he cradled it in appreciation, it then just looked like a regular ol’ bowl.  (I guess it bears pointing out -for those who don’t know him- that he is 6’9,” a lover and an eater, not a fighter… and no, he doesn’t play basketball.)

Man and Soup

Man and Soup

I guess this was also special because he’s the one always feeding us in this family; so feeding him (anything) is a kind of unusual treat.  Good thing he loves to cook!  (And thank you DH, for doing so on such a regular basis.)

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2 Responses to Actually a Big Bowl

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Second the motion! Three cheers for the guy who feeds us — DELICIOUSLY, NUTRITIOUSLY — on a regular basis. And to his honeybunch, who gave him chicken soup when he needed it.
    Even cooks like being fed from time to time, eh?

    • Actually I like quoting Mario Batali (, whom I saw once answer, when asked what is is favorite thing to eat, “Anything made by somebody ELSE.” I think cooks like being fed *anytime.*

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