Oh My

I was all cracking my knuckles, getting down to business.  The holiday lull turned kids-back-to-school helped make life seem all WORKABLE.  As in, responsibilities AND passions seeming in hand or within reach.  But yet alas (and please, I’m just OBSERVING and not at all COMPLAINING)… that the return of school heralds the return of my intermittent yet perennial INVOLVEMENT with said school… and GIGS.  Both have returned and BOTH have rubbed my nose in ALL WHAT needs to happen. BEFORE (or instead of) indulging in own self blog.  Wah.  Boo!  Gah.  *Sigh.*  Love it all.  So… pardon my… pardon pendent que je m’excuse…

(Pardon me while I excuse myself…)  Ciao and be in touch.


OK, PS: Wonderful pleasure involvement with school, also with performing.  NOT WONDERFUL involvement with everything INVOLVED in said *performing.*  Not only did I arrive at gig this evening   *sans* trunk o’ PROPS, but considering the state of ALL my props, it’s probably all just as well.  Seriously; I have a lovely gig coming up on Jan 15th (not to mention the three or so in the next two days….)   I gotta bust at least a couple things out in that department before returning to these pleasure paths.  GRRR.

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performing artist, mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece... just a regular extraordinary person
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  1. Onward and upward! It’s a new year.

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