Spontaneous Date Grease Night

January, 16th 2014

On Thursday I had inadvertently spent an entire workday at our son’s school.  When *my* work is light, I seem to let myself get ultra-involved in supportive efforts at the school.  On my way home with Gavin, feeling kind of pent up, I discovered that instead of at *home,* Dear Husband was at *Cambridge Brewing Company!*  Fast forward a hot minute and we are on a spontaneous afternoon DATE at the bar.  It felt so fun and familiar, like when we used to date before we were married or anything… except for one, not-so-little thing:

Hmm, Something is Different

*Something* is Different

Can you see it?  The lanky 5 &1/2 year-old blonde boy, popping up amidst us, ordering hamburgers and such?  Also painting with his dad:

Boys Bar Art

Boys’ Bar Art

Back home at dinner, ClaraJane models olives:

10 Olives

See my olives?

2014-01-16 19.25.47

Check out my olives

With time yet still somehow on our hands, we opt for Family Movie Night, and screen “GREASE.”  At first, they’re mesmerized.

Good Old Black Magic

Good Old Magic

Then, inspired.

Go Grease Lightening

Vikings’ Peterson 

Gavin models the *coolest* shirt he has to the tune of “Go Grease Lightening!

2014-01-16 19.34.53

Check out those muscles!

And this wingspan:

Can you handle it?

Can you dig it?

2014-01-16 19.35.54

I can dig it!

2014-01-16 19.36.00

[Fierce grunting noise]

Jus like a date!

[Double that]

And finally, this:

2014-01-16 Dance n’ Destroy [54 seconds]:

Q:  “Mamma can you please stop?”

A:  You bet honey.  For a moment or two…

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