“Misunderstood” Ad

Happy Post-Christmas Decompression everyone!  I am busily working to capture (and share) our recent wonderful madness.  In the meantime…

Just my husband’s *describing* this commercial made me teary.  Then he *showed* it to me and I was practically bawling.  “I DON’T HAVE THE CONSTITUTION FOR THIS!”  I protested.  In jest of course.  Because other than I am the *mother* in our life and not the socially removed teen… and other than it takes me days, weeks, years to furnish edited videos, not moments… THIS IS ME!

“Misunderstood” by Apple [1 min, 30 secs]:


(Btw:  how did he do all that on his *phone.*   Really?  Whatever.  Same diff.)

Reminds me of my mom’s birthday toast (best one of my life, btw):

          “Although we know you are self-absorbed, Jennifer,                                    

we also know you are extremely generous.”

THANKS MOM!  Quelle surprise; you are right.  As usual.

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