NYE 2014 +Vid

New Year’s Eve – December 31st 2013

2013-12-31 NYE Kids

Gavin 5 y/o, CJ 2y/o


This New Year’s Eve found us at the Bohart’s party, from which my mom created this sketch of our family:

2014-01-01 MomSketch O Flamly

The O’s by Bubble Wow


So great!  Especially considering IRL apparently we looked like this:

2014-01-01 NYE 3

Reality #1



2014-01-01 NYE 2

Reality #2


And this:

2014-01-01 NYE 4

Reality #3

[Side note: This may actually be the night my son’s love affair with video games began.  Of course it’s wired into his DNA, but still; Arrgh.]


Moreover, for posterity (aka: to watch and blubber over when I’m an old lady), here is a video of unadulterated schmaltz from that night; New Year’s Eve of 2014.  How often do you wish you could stop time?  This is as close as I can come.

2014-12-31 Boharts New Year’s Eve [6 mins, 08 secs]:



#Gavin #ClaraJane #Loveyouforever #DLove2 #BubbleWow




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