You’re A Good Cat, Peter Parker

On Christmas Eve this year, I had our home to myself and the kids.  Apparently everyone else in the building was home with their kids too, because all I did was leave our door open to the hallway, intermittently manage toys and games and provide popcorn and water for fuel.  Almost ALL the kids in the building ran in a pack, in and out of our home, for nearly EIGHT hours strait.  It was SO fantastic.

Here they are, scandalized by the very presence of CAT [47 seconds]:

Recently, after living in this new community more than a year, Gavin said to me, “Mom?  I’m kind of surprised we’re the only white people in the whole building.”  I feel so honored to be part of such a diverse community (Bangladeshi, Ethiopian, Haitian, Tibetan, Cantabridgian and more.)


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1 Response to You’re A Good Cat, Peter Parker

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    As I recall, the application/approval process was fairly arduous. Maybe the O’s were the only “white” people smart enough to figure it out and persistent enough to negotiate the obstacles.

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