Circus Kitchen Duties

February 11th 2021

CircusKitchen Artwork in our CircusKitchen Kitchen


I am celebrating our latest incarnation of Household Expectations around here.



6pm: Go Create OFFLINE (everyone get off screens!)

6:45pm: Set Table

7pm: Supper

7:45pm: Cleanup

8:30pm: CJ Bedtime

9:30pm: GLO “Bed” Time*

*(or at least be prepared to GO AWAY so that we *might* find a moment of “Grownup Downtime”)



Gavin: feed cats / ClaraJane: empty dishwasher

Gavin: kitchen & Trash-Recycling-Compost / ClaraJane: kitchen


And finally, the details of KITCHEN DOODIES:



RED TASKS: clear table + put away food + load dishwasher

BLUE TASKS: wipe table + wipe counters + sweep

MOMB (that’s me): sparkle sink and stove + setup dishwasher and tomorrow’s covfefe

NOTE: The kids actually chose these groupings of their tasks. (Turns out they both abhor wiping, lol.) Each evening they decide who does RED or BLUE.


That these tasks are so clear now and displayed in this aspirational Pinterest-like style causes me to feel surprise, relief, gratitude and hope.

I’d say my key to achieving this clarity comes from slowly incorporating the kids into conversations around these things so they feel empowered with ownership over the process, and hopefully good about themselves for their meaningful contributions to a functioning household.

Also practicing enough patience to make the lists pretty so they’re pleasant to have around, with the agreed upon understanding that they are imperfect, aspirational, and open to revision as needed. (I got the frames from the dollar store, btw, and used either dry erase marker or Sharpie to write on the glass. )

The fact that my kids are 9 and 12 years old is also significant.

Not to mention that Dear Hubsand does nearly all the cooking.

The thought of going back in time makes me shudder.

But thankfully I have this blog through which I can take a peek into the past anytime.

Speaking of which, thanks for dropping in on our journey! (o:



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3 Responses to Circus Kitchen Duties

  1. MIMI BREED says:

    Basking in the glow…yo hubsand: warm laundry; yo: framed lists. Amanda: supermarket flowers; James: Harry Potter rabbithole; Miles: floor hockey with “RJ” (Rowan); Mary: HP rabbithole; me: composition books.

    We’ve all still got our heads above water. Breathing. Good for us.


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