At Rise: But I Didn’t

Saturday, January 30th 2021


Peter Parker and Flash Cat; doing basically nothing.


AT RISE: Mom has found two cats snuggling together in a cute position on the bed.

MOM: [Yells to other room.] Guys? I’m sorry but I have a #LookAtThatCat.

CJ: [Enters bedroom, squeals.] Awwwww. Take a picture! Take a picture!

MOM: Fine. [Starts taking pictures; click click click.] Wait. [Stops.] Dang it! I don’t need any more pictures of cats. [Looks at CJ.] Why didn’t you stop me!?

CJ: [Giggling.] But I didn’t!

MOM: I know; that’s the problem!

CJ: Well what do you want from me? I didn’t do it!

MOM: Well that’s just great. Thanks a LOT.


Darth Snowflake joins the action.



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